Twenty Toes, Two Opinions Review #3

July 7, 2008

The time has come for another pedicure and another review.  This week Tracey and I chose The Salon Professional Academy in Shorewood, IL. We chose this because we received a coupon in our local mailer for a mani/pedi for $24.  What a great deal!  We had a 6:30 appointment time, which Tracey was whisked away promptly, yet they had a problem with my appointment.  It seems even though Tracey made our appointments at the same time, I was somehow scheduled on Saturday.  While I waited I looked at the polish color choices, and was again disappointed that there was no bright green or turquoise polish.  I chose gold, and Tracey went with purple.  I was then introduced to my pedicurist for the evening, Brandy.  Brandy took the time to pedicure my feet the way they should be pedicured.  We had a wonderful conversation of what a pedicure should and should not involve. 1. A pedicure should not involve a dremmel being used on a natural nail, as it was used on Tracey’s toes at the last place. 2. A pedicure should not involve shaving down the callouses on your feet. Brandy did notice how the bottom of my big toes now looked like a cheese grater. Using a razor can actually make the callouses worse.  Although another girl did confess to having one at home and using it, she would never use one in the business.  I think we have all tried to shave down the callouses, but it should not be done in a salon.  3. You should not have your cuticles cut, rather they should be pushed back.  Brandy spent a lot of time correctly pedicuring my feet and today they feel baby soft. Well as soft as MY feet can feel.  This morning I have a better look at my polish application and notice it is not the best, and my manicure is already chipping.  Although that is okay because I feel my feet are in definite better condition.  I am not a believer in manicures because my hands take such a beating, constantly being in water, cleaning, etc. but it was $24 so am not going to complain.  These people have to go through basic training which includes every aspect of the salon. Most want to be hair stylists, and I find it absolutely awesome that these girls took the time to do a great pedicure. 

While we were there, I took a liking to Brandy (can you tell?)  So I recruited Tracey to get a color and cut with Brandy next week and I am going the following week.  So I have wanted pink highlights in my hair for quite some time.  Although Tracey is all for it, my daughter thinks I am too old unless I let her get highlights then she is all for it!  My husband rolls his eyes and asks ‘how old are you?’ I guess I have to think this one through.  I will at least go for a cut. I have faith in the Salon Professional Acedemy and Brandy.  I cannot wait to see Tracey’s hair next week! I mean come on you cannot beat the prices. Haircuts start at $9, kid’s cut is $5, highlights are $29, per foil is $3.  So why not, we will give it a try. Last time I went for a cut at a high end place and spent $50 for a cut which I came home and further cut my hair. 

As for the pedicure, I give the actual pedicure a 10 unpainted toes, the polish application a 6 painted toes. I am still on the watch for a nice bright green or turquoise for my toes!

Overall, the Salon Professional Acedemy was clean, everyone seemed really friendly, and everyone had really cute hair styles which I love to see when I walk in!


Twenty Toes, Two Opinions

June 28, 2008

Tracey came up with the name, love it!  We cannot wait until this weeks trip to the next salon.  Our nails are really chipped and our big toes look chopped on the bottoms.  Update for k&K Nails: we will definitely not be returning! 

Here is Tracey’s final opinion of K&K Nails:

Eight days after our visit to K&K Nails our feet and especially our nails do not look as if they have been recently pedicured.  Michelle and I have both noticed excessive chipping of the nail polish on all of our toes.  I have several toes that only have polish on half of the toenail at this point.  The skin of my feet, particularly my big toes looks very choppy and unappealing as well.  No part of this pedicure has held up in a way that either of us expected.  While initially pleased with the job, we are very disappointed in the quality and longevity of the pedicure. 


Undercover Nail Shop Bloggers

June 23, 2008

About a month ago Jenean, Tracey and I went for a pedicure.  Tracey and I decided to treat ourselves every 2 weeks to a pedicure because we deserve it! Then We decided we need to blog our experiences and do a review on each salon/nail joint we visit. So here it goes…

Jenean, Tracey and I went to Klassy Nails. It is in Fox Valley Mall, lower level, near the massage chairs.  First impression: it was really busy and someone commented it looked like a sweat shop. Kind of scary, but we patiently waited until we were all seated at the same time in the massage chairs and began our foot soaks. The workers were very nice, hard working, no complaints really. Everyone was happy with their choice of polish, Jenean even got her eyebrows done and they came out lovely.  Tracey walked out with a pair of paper sandals that she donned through the mall, cute! 

Review #1: Klassy Nails, great polish selection, polish lasted 2 full weeks, no chips, nice job! I give this place 10 painted toes, out of 10.


 We researched many places for our next visit and this is the time we decided we are becoming nail salon reviewers. We hopped in the car and landed at the first place we saw which was K K Nails, right next to Lover’s Lane in Shorewood, IL .  Tracey and I picked our colors, the color selection was not as good as the previous spot. My lady put on gloves before she would touch my feet, Tracey’s lady did not. Does that say something about my feet? Let me just say the ladies that were doing our pedicures could have made it a little less obvious that they were talking about our feet.  My lady would look at Tracey’s feet and comment in whatever language, my lady would say something and Tracey’s lady said ticklish.  We took it well and know that our feet are not in the best condition but also know that we are here trying to make a difference in the ugly, callous ridden feet community.  This pedicure seemed a bit more thorough. Tracey’s lady used a dremmel, we both got the razor, they also clipped our cuticles. After we were done with the pedicures, we moved to the drying table and rested our hands near the nail drying part of the table. Tracey quickly pulled her hand back and noticed her thumb nail had just been chopped by the dryer. I looked under the nail dryer and noticed that there was a spinning fan that looked pretty scary. I am sure they should have had a grate over this nail death trap! Well we left K and  K’s and had a good laugh. I do not think we will return. Not 3 days later, our nail are chipping, we realize they have painted over our cuticles. And our next pedicure will have to probably be sooner than 2 weeks.

Review #2: K and K’s, Shorewood, IL. Nice people, polish selection needs work, cleanliness is good, Painted cuticles, chipped nailed after 2-3 days, battered thumb nail. I give this place 5 1/2 painted toes out of ten.

*The above reviews are meant to help the nail community improve their businesses as well as help customers choose a great nail salon. The reviews are our personal opinion and are not meant to demean any company. If you would like us to review your salon, just comment and we would love to come in and see what you have to offer.




The Two Johns

June 23, 2008

My newest nephew was born this past Friday at 5:10 am.  My mom and I went to the hospital on Saturday to visit with Jack and my sister.  Jack is the most precious little guy ever. He has the most perfect head, perfect little toes, perfect little face, perfect everything.  He slept the whole time we were there except for the 5 minutes which I got to feed him.  It is amazing how holding a new baby makes me so nervous, like I have never held a baby before. So we are sitting chatting with my sister and her husband when my mom asks ‘what is going on his birth certificate?’ I thought to myself hmmm, did you not get the call that his name is Jack? Anyway my sister replies ‘John.’ Huh??? Did you know that I have a son named John? I know the whole schpeel that Jack is a nickname for John and yadda yadda. Although when I think nickname I think Jen for Jennifer, Joe for Joseph, and so one.  I think it is silly to have 2 different names be one in the same. Now I feel I have to ask everyone that is named Jack if they are Jack or John. Last night I asked someone who I work with because her husband’s name is John and her son’s name is Jack.  Nope, her Jack is Jack not John.But it is what it is and we now have 2 Johns in the family, cousins, 2 out of the 6 grandchildren are John. I am not mad, I just want to say huh????

I do this thing when my sister is pregnant, I go through the dates on the calendar to see if they make sense as an acceptable date of birth. Example: 2-7-08 just does not make sense to me. Yes I know that is someones date of birth, it just does not work for me. 6-20-08 works because you add 6+2=8. Get it? This can work a couple different ways, but I will not bore you with details.  So if you take my sister’s 3rd child’s birth date (6-20-08) and my 3rd child’s birth date (2-20-04) add the month and date and that equals the year they were born. They are also 4 years, 4 months apart. Also, if you add the month and the day of my mom’s birth date, it equals 6 which is the number of grandchildren she has. Gives you something to think about huh?




Reese the Beast

June 14, 2008

So my favorite, wonderful neighbors/friends are out of town this weekend and I am excited to be watching their dog, Reese.  The boys and I went over a few hours ago to let Reese out and to my amazement he is a strong ass dog.  So I named him Reese the Beast.  We just checked back in on Reese to let him out and play for a bit again.  If there was a camera in the yard we would be the next winners of AFV.  So I got Reese out of his cage, put his leash on, and he darted out the door to chase a bunny. Thank God I was prepared and was able to put on my brakes.  My boys found it funny to have Reese chase them and my daughter found it even funnier watching Reese whip me about the yard. After a good 10 minutes of this Reese began to settle down and start to look a little pooped out. WRONG! Reese once again took off, I did not expect it so I landed sprawled out on the grass as their new neighbor walked out their back door, kinda gave me a strange look then went on his way, as did we.  Okay, so day one no broken hand but a dirty shirt and grass stained knees.  It was a good laugh for me and the kids so that is what counts.  I wonder if Tracey has to go through this type of torture on a daily basis.


Is Today the Day?

June 12, 2008

My sister is pregnant with her 3rd child, and she says today is the day.  Her first child was born two weeks early, her second was born five weeks early, and she is due with her third on July 2. I cannot wait!


Getting older

June 12, 2008

Not only do I have to color my aging head of hair and try every wrinkle remedy but I think I am losing my mind.  Since the kids have gotten out of school, I am not sleeping well and every morning I wake up I have no idea what day it is. I sit and go through every day of the week and still no idea.  I think it may be the beginning days of dementia starting to set in!